You may find yourself wondering where all your money is going or has gone even though you only spend about 5 dollars on average every day. It might be the smallest of things that turn into the biggest of factors when it comes to saving money.

Although you may think that it is only a couple of dollars, you may not realize that spending the same amount of money every day can eventually cost you hundreds of dollars. Let us look at some lifestyle tips that will help you save money.


Doing things yourself will give you the opportunity to learn a new skill as well as tackle challenges that are very new to you. Not only will doing this save money, but this will also help you master a new skill. Various jobs that you usually hire a handyman for such as sewing, interior painting or even plumbing can all be done by you. You can do anything that you want on your own but before you delve right in, make sure that you have read or learned the basics.

Avoid impulse buying

There are times when you are walking by a store, and you see something that instantly catches your eye. Your first impulse is to run to the store and get whatever it is that you were looking at. Needless to say, this is a sign of poor money handling skills. What you need to do is to fight the urge to go buy it and instead wait on it a couple of days. While waiting, ask yourself if buying this would keep you satisfied for a lifetime. Is it really worth breaking your bank for? Keep asking yourself these questions and when the time comes, and you are sure of it, make the purchase.

Being around with spendthrift friends


Friends of yours who are wealthy may more often than not, haveexpensive tastes. When you are invited to hang out with them, you need to makesure that you do not spend as much as they do since the reality is that youcannot afford the lifestyle they live. You may also find the activities thatthey engage in to be boring, and hence, there really won’t be any point inspending so much on something that you do not enjoy. Spending festive seasons with them should be something else that you should be careful about since the gifts that you give may be very expensive.