What you eat is extremely important in the maintenance of your vision. Foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, zinc and vitamin C should be your utmost priority. If you are deficient of said nutrients or minerals, there’s the risk of contracting diseases such as cataractsor macular degeneration. Foods that are rich in said nutrients are salmon, tuna, spinach, egg, beans, and pork. You should also have plenty of green foods such as kale, spinach, lettuce, and cabbage.Having foods such as these in a planned and balanced manner will also help you ward off obesity, which is a disease related to diabetes.Diabetes is one disease which can cause blindness in adults.



Notonly do wearing sunglasses make you look good, but it also helps youprotect your eyes against harmful UV rays radiating from the sun.Prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause cataracts. There aresunglasses that protect you from UVA as well as UVB rays up to 100%.Wear these while you are outside for a drive or a walk. You can alsochoose sunglasses that are equipped with polarized lenses so that thesun’s glare doesn’t perturb you.

Safety Wear

Apart from sunglasses that protect you from only UV rays, you need to wear eyewear that protects you from other hazardous materials which may beairborne if you are in an environment that demands them. It is also advisable to wear protective eyewear if you play sports such aslacrosse or ice hockey where the chances of harmful projectiles hitting your eye are high. You must also use helmets that have protective lenses while riding a bicycle or a motorcycle.


Computer screen

There are a lot of problems or diseases that can result from staring at a screen for long stretches of time including dry eyes, headaches or even neck or shoulder pain. In order to better protect your eyes, you must make sure that the glasses or contacts that you use have lenses which are up to date. You may also find that the lens you have might not be fit for looking at computer screens and hence, replace your existing lens with ones that allow you to do so. Glare from adjacent windows or lights can also cause discomfort. Apply an anti-glare screen in situations like these. How you sit is also crucial to your eye. Make sure that your feet are firmly planted to the floor and that they are flat on the ground.