Instagram and Snapchat may have risen as handy social media marketing tools,but the truth is, Facebook is number one when it comes to marketing in social media. If you are not convinced, let the numbers do the talking.

Almost2 billion people log into facebook on a daily basis and out of thisnumber, other websites also make use of Facebook’s social login whichaccounts for 77% of all social logins.

These numbers only prove how powerful of a marketing tool Facebook really is. If you own a business, then there’s no question on whether you should set up a page for it.

Letus look at some tips.

Facebook Marketing

Business profile

It is key that you set up a business page and not a personal profile while curating your business’ presence on Facebook. Although both may look the same, the tools that are offered with pages are different when compared to a profile. Doing so will only increase the marketing potential and online presence. One thing that you must note is that it is against the terms and regulations if you set up a business profile as Facebook only encourages actual people to set up profiles.You can always change your profile into a page if you have already created one for your business.

How you interact with the page’s viewers

When evera message is sent by a user to your page, it should be replied within a few minutes so that you can earn the very responsive to messages badge. The maximum that you should allow a message to sit is 15 minutes. In select cases, you may not receive the badge, but the page will still let people know that you respond to message very fast.

CTA Button

Since 2014, Facebook allows you to add a Call-to-action button on the top of your page. A selection of buttons is available to you including”Use App,” “Contact Us,” and even “Play Game.” These CTA buttons will redirect the user to a different link or page that you can set up yourself.

Timing posts

Thebest time to post is something that varies according to your targetaudience and in order to get a better idea of this, analyze theregions where you are targeting as well as the audience.

Facebook Marketing

Blog posts and content

In the end, Facebook can only be used as a tool to advertise your business and in order to do this, you need to post content that is engaging and fun regularly. Choose the posts that you think will appeal to your target audience so that they go deeper into the business that you are running.