Although Google is the most widely used search engine in the world, very little know how actually to use it to the maximum. There are a lot of tricks that will help you use the engine to your advantage, and in this article, we’ll look at some of them in detail.


In order to search for specific quotes in web pages, you can make use of quotes. By doing so, you’ll be able to search for web pages that have the quotes that you have typed in. You need to mind the order in which you input what is inside the quotes because this order is exactly how Google will search. Phrases can be searched with the help of this tool.

Asterisk and quotes

The above tips are something that most people know about, but this trick will help you search for phrases within web pages even if you do not know the full phrase. By typing in what you know within quotes and adding an asterisk symbol to space where you do not know the word. With this trick, you can search for songs whose lyrics you are not sure about.

As an example, let us look at the song reality in motion by tame impala where the chorus goes “soon as I remember, baby I surrender.” If I want to search for the song with the phrase in mind but I don’t remember what word came after remember, all I need to do is to search “soon as I remember * I surrender” within quotes and you’ll know which song it is.

Searching for definitions

If you are looking to search for a specific word, slang or phrase’s definition, add the term DEFINE: before the term in order to get better dictionary searches. It also doesn’t matter if the term you are searching for isn’t available in Google’s dictionary; other websites such as urban dictionary will help you search the meaning of slangs or phrases.

Searching for websites

You can search for specific websites by adding “site:” before a website’s name. Although simply using this trick would seem redundant, you can check if a specific word or phrase has been used in a webpage by adding the phrase to word before “”

Bonus Trick

Whenever boredom strikes, remember that you always have a videogame in your web browser in the form of Atari Breakout. All you need to do issearch “Atari Breakout” in google images to play the game.